This project began in 2012 as the Winner and People's Choice Winner for the Ideas Competition for the Washington Monument Grounds.. The proposal included restoring part of historic Washington City Canal and initially a Mall Parking Garage with Visitors Center that doubled as a flood cistern and had irrigation cisterns as well. This design was first shown at Third Century Mall Exhibition, Summer, 2012 and on Fox TV -WKGA DC and numerous blogs (see links with Karolina Kawiaka's original 2012 drawings below).

Restoring the parts of natural drainage pattern to the Federal Triangle  is a more simple and cost effective and ecological approach to address interior flooding and is a second iteration of the plan. Karolina Kawiaka is an architect teaching at Dartmouth College.

The “Coalition Pushes for Parking Lot Under National Mall April 1, 2013.

Fox TV -WKGA DC, “Underground parking proposed for the National Mall” March 31, 2013. “Could A Parking Lot Solve the National Malls Congestion Problems?” July 2, 2014.

3rd Century Mall Exhibition 2012- My original Parking garage/Flood reservoir/ Irrigation concept which was taken without my permission by the National Mall Coalition and their real estate developer backer who wants parking under the Mall: 

Screen Shot 2017-12-26 at 5.11.38 PM.png